Amboyna Burl

Pterocarpus indicus

Trade Names

Amboyna Burl, Narra

Similar Woods



Indonesia; the burl form especially on the Andaman group of islands.


Amboyna Burl is one of the rarest and most expensive woods in the world. The burly part of the log is often very small (20 - 30 kg) thus only veneer in small dimensions.


Highest quality architectural woodwork. Amboyna Burl was a popular and frequently used wood in the Jugendstil epoch in the twenties. It was also the rst burl wood to be used by Rolls Royce for dashboards.


Very sound burl veneer which is only available in small dimensions. Coloring is from deep yellow orange to deep red. After surface finishing Amboyna Burl reveals a depth and live-liness in color like found in no other burl.


The interlocking grain causes considerable problems, particularly when being planed to produce a smooth surface. The different density and hardness zones can only be machined with the greatest of care, appropriate to the value of this wood, to achieve an expert degree of perfection.


Here again, drying should be carried out very slowly and carefully to avoid surface checking and inner tension. Rough precutting of the burly part considerably improves its drying behaviour.


Amboyna Burl takes any type of surface treatment and is excellently suited for polishing. Ultraviolet-resistant varnishes should be used to avoid darkening in time.


Joints using glue and screws are easy to produce and hold very firmly.