Ash Pommele

Fraxinus excelsior

Trade Names

Ash Pommele, Quilted Ash

Similar Woods


Central Europe


Extremely rare growing form of Ash. Very seldom to be found through- out Europe. The reason why this tree develops pommele is unknown, however, it may certainly be caused by stress and the condition of the soil.


Due to its rarity, it can only be used for single projects, for yachts or interior fittings of planes, as results are not repeatable. Each log is different and, therefore, results in a one-of-a kind object, which has to be employed accordingly. It goes without saying that this involves high prices.


The pommele determines the highly decorative character of the yellowish white wood. When high gloss is applied, a fascinating, three-dimensional effect develops, which turns every surface into something special.


Machining of Quilted Ash can be carried out easily with all tools. Special care must be taken with coarse grown logs as they tend to break off at planed edges. Surfaces turn out very smooth.


Drying should be carried out at moderate temperatures and not too quickly. There is only a slight tendency to warp. Surface checking is a very seldom occurrence.


Quilted Ash is suitable for all kinds of surface finishes, above all, high-polished surfaces are to be recommended.


As with the common European Ash, Quilted Ash takes glue very well and very durable joints are provided. Pre-drilled joints hold well.