Phyllostachys edulis

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South-East Asia


There are approximately 1,450 lignifying Bamboo species worldwide. Phyllostachys, which is dealt with here, ranks among the five most important Bamboo species in the world. This species originates from the subtropical tempered part of China, as well as from Japan and South Korea, approximately between the 28th and 36th northern parallel. In China, Phyllostachys covers about 65 % of the bamboo expanse in China.


For about 10 years, Bamboo has been known as veneer wood and lumber, being widely used for parquet flooring and for high-grade furniture. In China itself, large quantities of Bamboo plywood are produced, which is used – among other things – for cargo areas and side gates of trucks. Moreover, Bamboo is widely used as construction wood, for matting, baskets, chopsticks and many other household items.


Bamboo belongs to the family of grasses. Under appropriate conditions, Bamboo is growing very fast and can reach heights of up to 20 m within two months, and an increase in height of about 1m per day was measured during the period of its strongest growth. Bamboo veneer can be provided in four different types: jointed in wide widths in light or caramel color or narrowly jointed in light or caramel color.


Very hard, however, can be worked well with all tools.


Not required.


Bamboo takes all surface materials without any difficulty.


Bamboo can be glued without problems and jointed with other substances.