Cordia gerascanthus

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Central America


Bocote grows from Mexico to Costa Rica in heights of up to 1600 m. The tree can reach heights of up to 40 m. As there are many different types of the Cordia species, Bocote is often mistaken for Ziricote, Laurel und and other Central American timbers. However, it can be found more often than Ziricote.


Bocote is often used in the exclusive furniture production, but also as wood for turning objects and for musical instruments. Quite often, it is used for high-quality knife handles. Bocote veneers are not used much in Europe; however, they are in high demand in Asia.


The dark brown wood impresses with clearly set-off dark stripes, which give surfaces a highly decorative look. Hence its popular use for knife handles. Lengths vary between 2.0 and 2.7 meters in most cases and very rarely reach more than three meters.


Can be worked with very well, the wood only has a slight tendency to develop splinters. Smooth turned and planed surfaces can be achieved without difficulty.


Drying is problem-free, however, should be done slowly in case of larger thicknesses.


Bocote takes lacquers and other surface treatments very well.


Gluing can be carried out problem-free, nail and screw joints hold well.