Cembra Pine

Pinus cembra

Trade Names

Cembra Pine, Swiss Pine

Similar Woods

Knotty Spruce




Central Europe, especially in the Alps, Southern France, Switzerland, Austria and Bavaria, at altitudes up to about 6,000 feet and in the Carpathean mountains at altitudes up to approx. 8,000 feet. Also in Northern Russia and Siberia.


Extremely versatile, for all interior and exterior purposes, for country-style furniture, high quality architectural purposes and exclusive handworked cabinet making.


The wood is light reddish when freshly cut, but quickly changes under the influence of light and air to the color of common pine. Characteristic are the numerous solid tight knots which do not check when cut. This makes this wood especially suitable for decorative architectural purposes.


The very numerous solid tight knots can be easily and cleanly machined. Planed surfaces are smooth and this wood can be turned and carved with no difficulty.


Drying is very quick without risk of warping or checking. The wood should be dried soon after cutting to prevent blue stain.


Despite high resin content, lacquers and stains take well. In many cases waxed surfaces are given preference since waxing highlights the character of the wood best.


Joints well with glue. Screw and nail joints hold firmly.