Figured Anegre

Aningeria ssp.

Trade Names

Figured Anegre

Similar Woods

Figured Maple


West Africa


West and East Africa from Guinea through Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and the Congo to Angola, eastwards to Zaire and Uganda, in tropical rain forests. Figured wood seldom occurs and thus is extremely difficult to obtain.


For high quality architectural purposes, especially in the USA, Australia and Southeast Asia. Also used for musical instruments. Still used on a small scale in Europe.


The figuring of Anegre is very pronounced and beautiful. As a result the veneers are extremely decorative, especially in conjunction with the silky luster and when the figuring occurs at a 90° angle.


There is no great problem to working this wood but tools become quickly dull due to the silicate deposits.


There is no great difficulty in drying cut lumber. The wood should be dried as soon as possible after cutting to prevent blue stain.


Surface treatment is possible by all the usual methods but white patches can appear on the surface as a result of calcium deposits.


Gluing presents no problem. Nail and screw joints should be pre-drilled to prevent splitting.