Phoebe porosa

Trade Names

Amarela, Brazilian Walnut

Similar Woods


South America


Imbuya primarily grows in South Brazil in medium altitudes in the provinces of Sao Paulo, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande del Sol. The trees reach heights of up to 20m. Imbuya is one of the most important wood species for commercial uses in Brazil.


Imbuya is used for exclusive furniture, parquet flooring and interior fittings but also for gun stocks.


Imbuya takes many forms or, as it is said in German,“It is the wood of many faces”. Two almost identical logs are found in very rare cases only. The wood is extremely versatile in terms of color, structure and types of gure. Figure is found in many forms such as Cluster, Burl and the so-called “chicken scratch”, which is shown in the picture. For this reason, Imbuya is hardly ever used in the production of serial furniture as the characteristics are far too variable. Imbuya has a very characteristic, spice-like scent which lasts for years.


Machining Imbuya is problem-free, beautiful shining surfaces emerge when worked up properly.


Since Imbuya is prone to warping, slow and gentle drying is recommended.


All kinds of surface treatments can be carried out easily. Especially polished and high-gloss surfaces enhance the structure of the wood.


Glue joints can be produced easily and hold rmly. Pre-drilled screw and nail joints hold very well.