Imbuya Burl

Phoebe porosa

Trade Names

Imbuya, Imbuya Burl

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South America


South America, especially South Brazil: Parana and St. Catarina; moist soils of tropical mountainous rain forests growing at lower altitudes.


Very rare veneer wood exclusively used for choice architectural work. Especially popular as accentuating wood for fillings in combination with other high quality ones.


The heartwood is brown in yellow, olive to chocolate shades. The wood is durable and resistant to insect attack, moderately hard, of medium weight and elastic. Apart from Imbuya Burl this wood has had very little significance in Europe up to now. The burl is only used in Europe for high quality architectural woodwork because of its rareness.


To produce smooth, non-checked surfaces Imbuya Burl must be very carefully worked due to its burl formation. When cleanly machined the surfaces have a beautiful luster which can also facilitate further treatment.


The wood must be dried very slowly and extremely carefully because Imbuya is strongly prone to warping. There is no strong tendeny to checking.


Surface treatment of any type is very easy to carry out and polished surfaces in particular highlight the burly texture.


Glue joints are easy to produce and hold firmly. Pre-drilled screw and nail joints have high tensile strength.