Olive Ash Burl

Fraxinus exelsior

Trade Names

Olive Ash Burl

Similar Woods



Europe, but generally restricted to Western Europe.


These are Ash Burl trunks with colored heart. Since the colored heart develops irregularly, due to the wild texture of the wood, the veneer pattern frequently has interesting light and dark color compositions.


High quality architectural woodwork, used also in Southern Europe for furniture.


Extremely decorative through the alternating light and dark coloring. Can be made available in veneer having large dimension.


Problems can occur in the form of fibre pick-up from the surface due to the burl growth.


As is the case with all burls, drying is to be carried out slowly and carefully. When drying too quickly the different directions of shrinkage are so great that the given tension can cause checking, both on the surface and inside the wood, which can lead to total degrading.


Ash is suitable for all kinds of surface treatments. Colored stains are used in particular. Their application presents no difficulties.


Glue is readily accepted by Ash and produces very durable joints. Pre-drilled screw joints hold well.