Rio Rosewood

Dalbergia nigra

Trade Names

Brazilian Rosewood, Rio Rosewood, Jacaranda

Similar Woods

East Indian Rosewood, Honduras Rosewood, Cocobolo, Santos Rosewood


South America


Eastern Brazil: Bahia to Rio de Janeiro, lower tropical rain forests. Dalbergia nigra was classified as one of the species threatened with extinction at the Species Protection Conference 1992 in Montreal and has been protected since that time (Species Protection Class I, like ivory). Trading is absolutely prohibited. Only old stocks may be marketed with the “Cites Certificate” and special approval.


Highest quality architectural woodwork.


Rio Rosewood numbers amongst the most beautiful and most expressive woods on this earth. Its irregular marking (ears) and its variegated streaks result in highly decorative and most beautiful architectural woodwork. Brazil has banned the export of logs since 1968.


Despite its extreme hardness Rio Rosewood can be easily and cleanly worked with all tools. Planing and molding produce very smooth surfaces.


Drying is easy and without any great risk of checking and warping. Only a little end checking can occur.


All surface treatments are possible. Oily content of pores can make high polishing difficult.


Rio Rosewood can be easily glued and the joints are highly durable. Nail and screw joints hold firmly but should be pre-drilled.