Sycamore Cluster

Acer ssp.

Trade Names

Sycamore Cluster

Similar Woods

Madrone Burl, Plane Cluster


Central Europe, Atlantic Coast to the Ukraine.


Widely spread throughout Central Europe. Most interesting region for trees to be used by the veneer industry still is Western Europe. Since the opening of Eastern Europe, larger supplies are coming from there now, too. Sycamore Cluster veneers are generally produced from the European Maple because this tree tends to develop burls and curls. These logs are frequently steamed to facilitate slicing and to influence the coloring.


High quality architectural woodwork, high quality furniture.


As a result of abnormal growth the trunk develops burls which occur as clearly de ned burl zones. Sycamore cluster is produced in white and steamed form, steaming produces a red coloring.


Mechanical machining presupposes sharp tools and smooth surfaces can only be achieved in this way.


The growth form deviating from the norm influences both working and drying. The wood must be dried very slowly and carefully to prevent surface tension checking.


Sycamore Cluster polishes and stains most excellently. To prevent premature yellowing UV-resistant varnishes are recomended.


Wood joints are easy to produce with glue, screws and nails and are very durable. Pre-drilling in the case of screws is to be recommended.