Thuya Burl

Tetraclinis articulata (formerly: Thuja articulata)

Trade Names

Thuya Burl

Similar Woods


North Africa


Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, odd trees on the island of Malta and in Southern Spain. The Thuya Burl is a figured root burl, with only very small dimensions in the majority of cases. We speak of the Softwood Cedar here.


Since only small dimensions are possible the Thuya Burl is used as filler for highest quality furniture. It is also popular for cigar boxes, cases for spectacles and alike, occasional furniture and cabinet making.


Generally it is finely textured with interlocked grain. The wood is quite prone to show inner cracks so that very careful splicing is necessary. Moreover, Thuya Burl gives off an intensive, very aromatic and pleasant odour.


Working this very hard wood calls for the greatest of care to prevent checking in the surface as a result of its burl growth. However, very smooth and slightly lustrous surfaces can be achieved when properly machined.


Since the wood neither tends to check or warp it can be dried without any great difficulties. In some cases the burl veneers are only air dried to ensure a higher moisture content to make machining easier.


To highlight the decorative veneer pattern preference is to be given to lustrous or polished finishes. These can be produced without any particular problems.


Glued joints can be produced without any difficulty and hold firmly. The same applies to screw joints.