Walnut Cluster

Jglans ssp

Trade Names

Walnut Cluster

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Europe, Asia and North America.


Walnut Cluster veneers are those veneers which are obtained from those bottommost parts of Walnuttree trunks, which partially grow underground. To obtain this valuable part of these trees the trunks must not be sawn above the ground but have to be dug out. The produced veneers have a particularly distinct, expressive figuring which gains a great deal of life from the many cross figures and mottling but still does not result in a burly texture.


High quality architectural woodwork, as solid wood for gear-shift knobs and high quality gunstocks.


Dark brown choice wood, traditional furniture wood. Frequently with fiddleback.


There is no difficulty to working with all hand and machine tools. Walnut is an excellent wood for molding.


To prevent any possible damage to cells the wood should be dried very slowly. It is slightly prone to checking and warping.


The very smooth surface takes all stains well, particularly water and nitro stains. The wood polishes well when fillers are used.


Joints using screws, nails and glue are easy to produce and of normal strength. However, alkaline glues can cause reaction stains.