Maple Burl

Acer macrophyllum

Trade Names

Maple Burl

Similar Woods

Madrona-Maser, Platane-Maser


West Coast of the United States.


One of the Maple family, Oregon Maple is known in the USA also as Big Leaf Maple. Occurrence is limited to the west coast strips of the USA and Canada with the most northern occurrence in Alaska and at the southernmost border of the Sierra Nevada mountains as well as in San Diego County. Grows up to 1,500 m altitude and is generally found in the company of other hardwoods such as Red Alder and softwoods like Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar. The leaves are red veined. Apart from the burls, which develop directly over the root, Oregon Maple has no noteworthy significance as a commercial lumber.


Highly decorative elements for fillings or fronts in architectural woodwork and furniture production.


Since Maple Burl frequently has bark pockets, sound large burls are seldom and very expensive. Almost always rotary cut.


The extraordinary wood texture has to be taken into account when working. Perfect tools and slow machining speeds produce an attractive product.


The burl texture calls for extremely careful drying to avoid higher losses through surface checking and warping.


The surface has to be given a lustrous or polished finish.