Fritz Kohl Furnierwerk

Veneer manufacturing

Ecologically and economically perfect

The production of finest veneers is the most decorative and at the same time most resource-saving way of producing high quality, genuine wood surfaces.

Modern production technology, ranging from high-tech slicing and peeling machines through drying routes with built-in ironing units to computerized measuring, grading and parcel management, makes possible the individual workup of wood to veneer, which is dimension- and design-wise perfectly adapted to the requirements of each group of customers.

From one cubic meter of lumber, up to 2000 sqm of veneer can be produced. No other kind of woodworking renders such a rate of use and saves natural resources more sustainably.


Here, the veneer picture is determined


... makes the wood smooth and determines the color

Slicing / Peeling

Heavy machinery for finest precision

Methods of Cutting

The cut decides the veneer picture


The perfect residual moisture counts


We cut off what you cannot use


Which species? Which quality? And: which price?


Precision and documentation