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TruColor, an innovative technique

TruColor - dyed through ecologically

On this year´s Interzum fair in Cologne, it caused a great stir: the talk is of TruColor, Fritz Kohl´s new product line, available as veneer and lumber in virtually any color and wood species imaginable!

Common dyeing techniques are having some serious disadvantages: either they are only superficial and each grinding weakens the color intensity severely or their production and processing are highly questionable ecologically speaking (or even in view of health).

With TruColor, an innovative technique of dyeing wood has been developed, which eliminates all these deficiencies once and for all. Our TruColor veneer and lumber is imbued completely and can be planed, sliced and sawn without any alteration or even vanishing of the color intensity.
Both, the technique itself as well as further processing of the wood are very low in emissions and completely harmless in terms of ecology.

The technique can be employed on almost any wood species. Thanks to the different absorbing capacities of the wood fibers and the chosen basic color of the (unbleached) wood species, entirely new visual effects can be created. Attributable to structure and burls as well as lignification and knots, unique patterns and images are formed, which are even able to increase the beauty of natural-colored wood.

Be it silver Ash Burl or anthracite colored Figured Sycamore, moss green Chestnut or blue Maple – TruColor veneers and lumber will delight and inspire you!

Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your requirements and project aims. Together, we will come upon the wood species featuring exactly that characteristic which – in connection with your desired color – will amaze your customers!