Fritz Kohl Furnierwerk


Sustainability as a corporate principle

We have always lived and managed with the natural product wood. Therefore, for us it is quite natural and also essential from an economic point of view to use all available resources as sparingly and sustainably as possible.


Therefore, since the beginning of this century, we have been certified according to both FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). Both organisations ensure the sustainability of managed forests with regard to many factors, such as the protection of indigenous peoples as well as animal and plant species, sustainable forestry, social and political security and many more.

In compliance with EUTR (EUropean Timber Regulation), which became effective in March 2013, we also prove the harmlessness of our products. This applies not only to the origin of the round timber that we process, but also to the way our suppliers work, to the complete supply chain proofs from the original location until the delivery to our factory as well as the clean and complete documentation of all associated papers. Since the implementation of EUTR, we have already been audited three times by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry without any complaint.

Energy efficiency

Due to the thermal use of all wood waste, our production has already been independent of fossil fuels for a long time. Starting with the energy-intensive wood damping via our veneer and lumber dryers through to the complete space heating, the entire heat output is ensured by our in-house combined heat and power plant.

Solar energy

When it comes to electricity, we have been relying on photovoltaics for years. The currently installed modules deliver 360 kWp – a doubling of the power is already in preparation.

Water purification

Through additional investments of a good 500,000 euros, we were able to reduce our water consumption by 75% to a quarter. The water required in the steaming pits is not only reusable through the treatment, but is then also passed on much more “cleaner” to the sewage treatment plant, which also reduces the use of chemicals and filters there.

Meanwhile, a large part of our company vehicles is electrically actuated – preferably with their own solar power. In the medium term, we will achieve our goal of a 100% electrically powered fleet as part of replacement procurements.

Nature on our premises

Larger areas of our company premises have always been unsealed and overgrown with trees and bushes. In addition, we created 12,000 m2 of flowering areas and bee pastures, supervised by specialists from the State Institute for Horticulture in the town Veitshöchheim. This also includes a small shelter for the bee colonies of local beekeepers.

Sustainability concept
Together with external experts, we are constantly developing our sustainability concept in order not only to meet the legal requirements, but also to exceed them as far as possible.