Golden Madrone

[Golden Madrone]

Trade Names

Golden Madrone, Musk Burl

Similar Woods

Elm Burl


South-East Asia


Presumably China, Vietnam, possibly Laos and Cambodia. Although known as Musk Burl in Australia and Tasmania under the botanical name of Olearia argophylla, it is very questionable that this in fact is the same species. Till today, it has not been possible to come to an exact classification.


Exclusive interior architectural woodwork. Relatively unknown in Europe compared to other burls, as this species has been imported to only a few years ago. For this reason, acceptance and and use of Golden Madrone is rather limited so far.


The surface of Golden Madrone is very much like velvet with an explicit and somewhat coarser burl growth. Surface treatment results in an intensive, three-dimensional appearance so that an especially decorative look can be achieved.


No previous experience known.


No previous experience known.


The burl pattern can best be enhanced by polished and high gloss surfaces; no problem to apply those finishes.


Golden Madrone can easily be glued as veneers without any problem.