Dracontomelon dao

Trade Names

Paldao, New Guinea Walnut

Similar Woods

Queensland Walnut, European Walnut


Asia, South East Asia


Paldao can be found all over South East Asia and also grows on various Pacific islands. The tree can reach heights of up to 40 meters and is supported by massive buttresses. It mainly grows in tropical lower rain forests.


It is mainly used as wood for veneers, however, Paldao can also be used as construction wood in interiors, for staircases and doors. Musical instruments are made of Paldao as well. For a long time, Paldao was used as a substitute for Walnut. Nowadays, however, it is considered a separate wood species, which is preferably used in interior fittings.


The main color of Paldao is grey-brown, and, additionally, the wood is vertically streaked with more or less distinctive black stripes, which can be highly decorative. Especially in its gured form, Paldao is used in exclusive interior fittings with extremely beautiful results.


Machining the wood can be carried out easily and problem-free.


Since the wood is prone to warping, it should be weighted down when air-dried and kiln-drying can be done without greater difficulties then.


Paldao can be treated with all surface finishes without any problem. In most cases, intensively shining surfaces are produced.


Glue, screw and nail joints can be produced problem-free.