White Ebony

Diospyros embryopeteris

Trade Names

Black Pearl, Pale Moon Ebony

Similar Woods

African Ebony




Most likely to be found in Laos, but not so often in Cambodia and Vietnam. Occurrences are very limited. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to obtain veneer qualities in decent lengths. If obtainable, these are very expensive. Nearly all logs have small worm holes, the yield is almost always diminished due to checking.


Due to the small dimensions, it is mostly used for turnery objects or knife handles in the exclusive sector. Due to its considerably high price, it is used exclusively for high-grade interior ttings, but lengths over 250 cm are very seldom.


Highly decorative wood with a very individual black and white marking. The latter differs from log to log and can go from highly white to predominantly black. When book-matched, furniture made of White Ebony is marvelous and unique, as beautiful patterns develop then.


Worm holes can be lled up and machining presents no problem then.


Very difficult as the wood has a strong tendency to warp and check.


White Ebony takes lacquer very well, therefore there are no great problems with regard to surface treatment.


Glued joints hold well. Caution: Problems can occur with checks.