Queensland Walnut

Endiandra palmerstonii

Trade Names

Australian Walnut




This wood species grows in the northern part of the Australian state of Queensland, between the regions of Cardwell and Cairns, however, in very limited quantities. Queensland Walnut is protected by the Australian government and can only be felled with special permissions, which are highly restrictive.


Due to its extreme scarcity, Queensland Walnut is exclusively used for high-quality objects, above all, of course, for veneers for exclusive interior fittings. It is also used as tonewood for high-quality guitar making.


The heartwood of Queensland Walnut is light to dark brown, stripes vary from plain-colored to extremely dark-streaked, latter of which is generally considered more high-grade. Figured Queensland Walnut is found relatively seldom. The type shown in the picture can be seen as one-of-a-kind.


Due to silicates in the wood, mechanical tools become dull quickly and the use of carbide-tipped tools is recommended.


In small thicknesses the wood dries quickly, larger thicknesses are prone to warp. If drying is done too quickly, fibers may collapse.


All surface treatments are taken very well and produce shiny surfaces.


Nail, screw and glue joints hold without any problem.